Providing the best in-store shopping experience will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, generating increased revenues.

With YouBeep, shopper spend maximize, staff productivity increases, all without compromising control.

Make your customers feel unique

Enable your customers to whizz through the checkout 3 times faster than before and turn your average shopper into a loyal customer by providing a tailored shopping tool with leaflets, integrated shopping list, coupons and promotions, among other features.

Improve your store productivity

Increase the overall store performance by cutting checkout time. Results show an average of 20% increase in the overall scan rate with only one dedicated checkout.

Increase your sales

With pricing and spend control on the app, shoppers tend to maximize their spend. When combined with relevant promotions or coupons, YouBeep users spend up to 40% more than the average non-user.

Shrinkage control

YouBeep supports different levels of auditing and can be combined with custom or existing algorithms. YouBeep provides increasing levels of audit data to help you decide the level of auditing to be applied at checkout.